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Neck and Back Programme

The back and neck programme is designed to help members living with chronic back and neck pain to manage this condition and improve their quality of life. Back and Neck is the most common form of pain often with limited treatment options. Sizwe Hosmed is offering this benefit to all its members to enhance care at no additional cost. This programme will be managed by our partner CMD Physiotherapy to give you the most effective programme management, through a multi-disciplinary team that will help you on your way to recovery. In addition you will receive a homecare plan to help you optimise your recovery in the longer term. The programme is highly effective and low-risk, with a very high success rate and helps avoid risky back surgery.

For effective management and best outcomes members are encouraged to register on the programme .


Do call us on 0860 101 176 or email us at  to refer you to the nearest treatment centre. A full assessment will be done to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the programme.

Your Choice for Quality Care!

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